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High Rock Landing


This is one my absolute favorite photographs I’ve ever taken.  At this point, I’d even say my favorite.  It has so much significance in the timeline of life as well.  It was taken on my wife’s birthday, April 10, 2012.  But there was a great deal of sadness at the time.  My wife’s mother had just passed away 3 days earlier.

We were at her parents lake house on High Rock Lake in Lexington, NC.  The house was filled with family and well wishers.  I had escaped to the boat dock for some quiet time.  It was also mating season and everywhere you looked the ducks were paired up.

The camera is always with me when I’m there.  And, this day, I was in the right place at the right time.  The camera settings were perfect.  The lighting was perfect.  And I just happened to be paying attention!  Most of the time I miss these shots.  But today, I saw this pair circling to come in for a landing.  I rattled off a series of shot and all turned our beautiful.

Incidentally, this was also my first print sold!  I hope you enjoy this as much as others have.

Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer

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More than snapshots

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I Love Instagram

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Seeing the Light

Darkest moments

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iSunset – Sunset Captured with iPhone

Sharkys Sunset_IMG_0253 2

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Why Your Story Sucks : 11 Life Lessons to Edit Your Boring Story (from #Storyline)

storyline cover

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Live a Better Story Manifesto

Live a Better Story Manifesto

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