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7 Easy Ways to Simplify


Life can be complicated, complex, overwhelming and just plain chaotic.

Here are 10 (somewhat unrelated) ways to SIMPLIFY typical problem areas.  Be sure to check out the links.

Basic Fitness

Personally, I love a gym.  The atmosphere and having others around me provide motivation.  But there are also times that I just can’t get to the gym or I go through a phase in my training and I just want to simplify and do bodyweight exercises.

This isn’t a time to slack off.  But if you still bust your butt, you can go quite far getting fit the old-fashioned way with running, pushups, pull-ups, etc.  I have also added (homemade) kettlebell swings to my “home” routines.  But no matter what the routine, these still apply: Consistency, Intensity, and Diet.

Self Sufficient Training – Zen to Fitness

Beginner Bodyweight Workout – Nerd Fitness

Bodyweight Workout for Busy Men – Art of Manliness


Trash Reading Material

I get industry magazines, health & fitness magazines and catalogs.  Occasionally, I’ll print out blog posts or articles to carry with me for my “Read Later” file.  It goes on and on and they start to pile up.  And instead of these items providing great content to IMPROVE my life, they become an additional source of STRESS. 

Weed them out and throw them out.  Guaranteed that if the info is good enough or important enough, someone else will write about it again soon.

3 Easy Steps to Declutter Excess Reading Material

Zen Habits: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life



Zero inbox would be nice wouldn’t it.  Personally, I use my email as a filing and storage area.  So I delete very little.  But I also try to keep unread emails to a bare minimum.  Maybe instead of deleting all emails, perhaps create annual “processed” folders and just move older items into a 2011 Archive.

Getting Your Email Inbox to Zero – Michael Hyatt


Consolidate Digital Files

First word: DROPBOX.  This has been the best invention of the digital age to help simplify file sharing from desktop to laptop to phone.  Love it, love it, love it.

Second word: EVERNOTE.  Haven’t quite mastered the full benefits of Evernote quite yet.  But those that have, swear by it.  Michael Hyatt is a power-user.

Index to Evernote Posts – Michael Hyatt



Definitely a problem area for me and something I intend on working on during 2012.  Countertops, table tops, night stand, coffee table, desk, garage, shed,  car trunk…I say these as I move around with my mind’s eye on all the things I need to do.

No better place to start than with Courtney Carver’s Website and the Clutterfat Challenge.


Automate Your Finances

I did a post 8 Easy Steps to Automate Your Financial Life that details ways I have done this.  It is an amazing stress reliever. 

Ramit Sethi has created an entire program around Automating Your Personal Finances

Save Time and Automate Finances –


Establish Routines

This is also one of my personal areas of concentration for 2012.  The objective is to establish certain Morning, Evening, and Weekly routines.  The goal is to create a sense of “calmness” with the familiar.  More organization and less chaos brought about by practicing routines.

Optimize Your Productivity with Routines –

Flylady Routines – – Ladies will particularly enjoy this.  But for single or divorced dudes, it’s a must read.


I realize that this doesn’t solve all of life’s problems, but it’s a start.  Don’t add more stress by trying to change everything thing at once.  Start one, start small, but START.  It could be the beginning of living a better story.

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