Live a Better Story...starting TODAY!


The internet is full of great stuff to read.  With the help of Google Reader I subscribe to I don’t know how many blogs for business, fitness, personal development, social media and other odds & ends.  With a quick scan I can find tons of great content I WANT to read.

The bottomless rabbit hole.

I start by reading my favorites and usually start chasing links down the endless rabbit hole.  Still all very good stuff.  Very enjoyable.  This happened today while reading Barrie Davenport’s post, Top Posts from 25 Top Personal Development Bloggers.  I didn’t want to miss a great article.  She had some of my favorite writers and I found some new ones.  Down the rabbit hole.

Then GUILT sets in.

Then I start feeling guilty for READING all this good stuff instead of going out and DOING the good stuff.  I get wrapped up in the reading at first, then this wave a guilt hits me.  Has anyone else felt that way?

Draw the line.

Where do we draw the line?  Is it with the number of blogs we follow?  The time allotted to read?  Who knows.  But at some point, somewhere we have to stop reading, stop preparing, and GO DO SOMETHING. 

A better story.

You come across great stories all the time.  People who came to a crossroads in life.  When they made changes.  They quit being a life spectator and started participating.  They quit READING and started DOING.  That’s why we are reading their stories.  We wouldn’t be reading about them READING would we?

So STOP reading this and GO DO SOMETHING. 




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