Live a Better Story

Live a Better Story Manifesto



  1. I LOVE this manifesto David! And the clear heart and energy that’s gone into your site. Huge congrats – and the best part is this is just the beginning!

    • David Moore says:

      Thanks again. Live Your Legend is my inspiration! – David

  2. David,

    This is absolutely awesome! I love the strong colour theme and the way you’ve designed it. I also published my Manifesto today :-))

    • David Moore says:

      Thanks Dolly! I took a quick peek at yours in my RSS feed this morning but haven’t had a chance to go back and read. Good luck. I’ll be checking in with you. – David

  3. Steve says:

    Very cool manifesto. I think if I were to make one it would have similar points to the things written on this. I love it.

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