Live a Better Story

Season of Life


Baseball spring training starts soon. I spent several years as a chapel leader with the minor team of the Cleveland Indians. And of the guys I met as strangers in the beginning of the season, some became friends. As the season progressed I saw them grow and change on and off the field. And I saw them have an impact on others by the way they carried themselves.

Have you ever noticed the seasons we go thru in life? 

We all have good times and bad.  It’s just the nature of our journey.  And how WE handle those “seasons” can have a great impact not only on our personal growth but the impact this particular season has on others.

Stupid Cancer.

Case in point: My sweetheart is going through a very difficult time.  Her mother has terminal cancer and we really don’t know how much longer she has.  In April of 2011, they gave her a year.  So you can do the math.

During this season, you have many different parties each trying to handle the situation in their own way.  All having to interact and impact one another.  All handling it quite differently.

This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone.  But never as difficult as it is on Tammy’s mother, who is dying. 


What this season is teaching me is that we can do ANYTHING we want, no matter how difficult, at least for a season.  Especially when the you look at the payoff.  When your efforts benefit someone else, it gives you tremendous staying power.  While we may want to quit and DO QUIT on ourselves, you will give it one more day for someone else.  Because you know it’s for a season.

The season may last days, weeks, months or even years. 

But it is still just a season.

The person you are at the beginning of the season is different than the person you are at the end. 

And that difference is part of your STORY.