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Remember When …? 8 Keys to Creating a Good Memory

None know how often the hand of God is seen in a wilderness – Thomas Cole Stories are made everyday. You never know when they are going to happen.  But you have to be there to be a part of them. You have to be “doing” something.  You have to be “living”, “involved”, and “engaged” […]

7 Easy Ways to Simplify

  Life can be complicated, complex, overwhelming and just plain chaotic. Here are 10 (somewhat unrelated) ways to SIMPLIFY typical problem areas.  Be sure to check out the links. Basic Fitness Personally, I love a gym.  The atmosphere and having others around me provide motivation.  But there are also times that I just can’t get […]

Is Clutter Winning the Battle?

This is a picture of my kitchen table this morning.  Cluttered with camera gear, work stuff, food stuff, and just plain crap stuff. Clutter.  It creeps up on you so slowly you can’t see or feel it coming.  Then one day, you wake up and just can’t stand it anymore.  Isn’t this a great time […]

8 Easy Steps to Automate Your Financial Life

Day to day life is stressful enough without having to deal with a mailbox full of bills.  Why not automate your finances and not deal with it at all? Have you ever forgotten to pay the water bill? Cell phone bill? Utilities even? I don’t know why, but seems that I have forgotten to pay […]