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David Moore self portrait wedding photographer

Behind the lens

​Ten years ago I started shooting with a borrowed "real" camera and in 2011 my wife gave me a Canon T3i. I started taking an average of 10,000 pictures per year just for fun. And now... I'll shoot thousands of images each wedding weekend.


So, WHY, above all else, do I choose to shoot weddings and why you should choose me to share this journey with you to document your love story?

My "WHY" was reconfirmed at an August 2018 wedding on a hot and steamy summer day in North Carolina. From the start of the day, you could sense that it would be an highly emotional day for both the couple and the parents.


You could feel the emotion peak during the first dance with the bride and groom. So many great moments to capture during this dance as the groom sang to his new bride. [CLICK]  


He was crying [CLICK]

She was crying [CLICK] and,

I was hiding behind my camera starting to get choked up myself.


Then it was time for the Father - Daughter dance.


You could see the emotion in the father's face before they embraced. [CLICK]

They danced with her head on his shoulder and when they turned her beautiful brown eyes were  looking up, filled with tears [CLICK]


Now I’m crying, keeping the camera close to my face hoping others just assume I'm sweating in the August heat.




So many memories are captured that last only 1/160th of a second on the camera, but they will be treasured for a lifetime.


That's the photographer I want to be for you. On your wedding day I want to capture those fleeting moments of emotions. When you flip through the wedding album or images I deliver, I make a promise to you:

-You will laugh

-You will cry

-You will remember

-You will be thankful

It would be my privilege.




Let's talk

I'm honored to be considered for one of the most important roles during your wedding day.

Customized Wedding Photography Packages


You’re unique and so are your wedding photography needs. I can customize a wedding package to fit your budget.

You can choose:

  • Number of hours wedding coverage

  • Second shooter

  • Photography and/or videography

  • Engagement session or bridal portrait

  • Wedding albums (for couple and parents)

  • Canvas bridal portraits

  • Photo boxes

Please complete the contact form, call me at (252) 526-8132 or email me:

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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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