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I Am Not a Pretender.

Updated: May 8, 2018

I’m a wanna be wedding photographer. I am NOT a wedding photographer…YET.

This isn’t the type of thing where one day I can take an amazing landscape photo then decide, I’ll start shooting weddings. I know the skills, the work, and the steep learning curve I must climb. I’m a perfectionist. And while I don’t think “perfection” is attainable, I want future wedding clients (and lead photographers) to know that is the standard by which I’ll measure myself.

My plan is to improve my technical skills and people skills over the next 12 -24 -36 months. This plan requires shooting lots and lots of “people” pictures and less landscapes.

The very best place to improve my skills, magnify my weaknesses technically and with equipment, is through “second shooting.” And I had pleasure of that opportunity on April 27 to be an extra shooter with @heartfirstcreatve team of Josh and Leigh Tyndall of Wilmington. They were shooting the wedding of Linda + Avi (Singh) at Prestonwood Country Club. They were so easy to work with, gave great instruction and allowed me to shoot whatever I wanted with zero pressure. What more could I ask for, right?

Definitely check out their work, both photography and video:

So the cool thing about this wedding was that it included a blend of cultures, both Indian and American. Lots of color and tradition and about a bazillion moving parts during a long day all managed with timely precision by @sallyoakleyweddings. It was great to experience the camaraderie amongst the other vendors @prestonwoodccweddings, @bunndjco, and @artfully_arranged.

I’m definitely ready to book more second (or extra) shooter opportunities. And I’m certainly willing to be an assistant to the lead photographer in any way to have a chance to watch another pro work.


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