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The Journey Begins...

It all starts here.

Here = the not ready part. I'm putting this out there WAY before I feel like I'm ready. I'm not ready to call myself a photographer...YET.

What will others think? David Moore trying to be a wedding photographer. That's when the real FEAR sets in. And you procrastinate. At least I do. I'm afraid of what others will say.

I want to be a wedding photographer. Before announcing my goal.

I want to have a stunning portfolio. Before learning the trade.

I want things to be perfect. Before being judged.

None of that makes sense. You can't BE before you DO.

So here goes.

After much encouragement from others and giving in to my own stubbornness and FEARS, I am going to take the steps necessary to move my photography to that next level:

Wedding - Engagement - Portrait Photography

This will be journey and growing process and I will document that here and Instagram (@davidamoorephotography).

Over the next 12-18 months, I hope to go from primarily a landscape photographer to wedding photographer.

The plan is to start shooting lots of “people” which has been a rarity for me over the last 7+ years. I need to build my portfolio strategically but quickly.

So contact me via email or DM if you’re interested in any of the following:

  • Wedding second shooter

  • Stylized wedding shoot

  • Engagement / Couples shoot

  • Family portraits including baby shoots

  • Commercial headshots

  • Lifestyle or fashion photoshoots

I’ll post samples of the work I’ve done in the past and new photos as a I build my portfolio and develop more skills to show that progress.

Pricing? No worries - let’s start at $0.00 and work from there as the portfolio grows.

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