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June 26, 2018

To whom it may concern,


     It is a pleasure to recommend David Moore as an additional wedding photographer. I created a craigslist post requesting an help with a wedding and I needed an additional photographer. David applied to be the second shooter for the wedding and I chose him based off his communication skills. He was very timely in replying to my inquires and he was very thorough with any answer(s) he gave. He displayed large amounts of patience while waiting for me to provide him with documents and details about the wedding. 


    David displayed surprising amounts of motivation during the days leading up to (and through) the wedding. He took it upon himself to reconnoiter the wedding venue a few days prior to the event. I cannot say enough about his positive attitude and motivation that he portrayed while on the job. Some of the major responsibilities that David was charged with on the day of the wedding was as follows: 


-Groom and Groomsman photo shoot

-Pre-wedding venue detail shots

-Shots of the bride and or groom

-Telephoto position during ceremony

-Bride and groom first dance

-Cocktail hour / reception / misc

-Sparkler exit 


 I have to mention that he came more prepared for the wedding than I did. I made an inexcusable mistake and ran out of AA batteries during dinner. David was there when I needed him the most and loaned me the goods. All of the photos that he provided were good, with a few that were exceptional. I was pleasantly surprised to find some photos that I didn't even think to take. All of the aforementioned qualities make him an easy pick for a potential second shooter. I would enjoy working with David again in the future, and you should too!






Jeremiah Dauphinais


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